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Nov. 19th, 2006

Tea - Cures What Ails Ya

Stream of Unconsciousness

So... I just finished importing 35-plus entries from my previous LiveJournal account, loonybluemoose. Which is now baleeted.

I switched back to my golden layout because while I liked that brownish one, it was WAY too cramped.

I've just now realized how much stuff I've left unfinished by virtue of having way too many things I want to do and no time in which to do any of it.

I've mostly recovered from whatever virus I had, but I still have that damn indigestive problem. It goes away if I take meds regularly, but it's worrisome.

I rarely have anything I feel like saying publicly. I suppose if I make this friends-only, I'll be less worried about spouting vitriol because at least then I don't have to deal with random yahoos.

Ain't the little guy above cute? All tucked in.

I'm hungry. Gonna go eat now.

Nov. 13th, 2006

Tea - Cures What Ails Ya

Observations on Final Fantasy XII, Part 2

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Ignore Spoiler WarningsCollapse )

Nov. 8th, 2006

Tea - Cures What Ails Ya

Observations on Final Fantasy XII

This is not a review; this is just stuff I wanted to comment on regarding the latest installment of Final Fantasy. There may or may not be spoilers in here, but I'll put it behind a cut regardless.

Ten Hours In...Collapse )

Nov. 3rd, 2006

Tea - Cures What Ails Ya

I'm Not Dead...

... I've just been busy as hell, and haven't had much to talk about here. So, an update then.

I lost interest in both VP:Silmeria and Shin-Mega-Ten 4 - I think my patience for videogames has waned over the years. Wind Waker was the last game I was willing to put up with make-work BS, and I have a bad feeling the whole "search for triforce pieces in an endless ocean" bit scarred me somehow. I stopped playing Metroid 2 right about the point when I needed to go scavenging for Keys, and it's been much the same since then. In VP:Silmeria's case, it's "grind, grind, grind your levels up, and while you're at it try and cross this annoying fucking collapsing bridge"; in Raidou's case, it's more of a "can't be bothered" thing, which is a bad sign.

I haven't given up on games altogether, though. I still play FFXI (though my static is on hold and I've been logging in only sporadically - which reminds me, I should check my AH sales). I also picked up a few other games, including FFXII (which I've only just started - so far it's good, but I'm sorely tempted to find a License Grid key just so I don't waste time on stuff I don't want) and Magical Starsign (which is actually quite good for such a seemingly-simple game). It's more that, given the lack of time at my disposal, I'm having to limit what I play to the stuff I really want to play.

More later, mebbe.

Oct. 19th, 2006

Tea - Cures What Ails Ya


Eh, I haven't posted a "State of the Serpent God" post in a while. ... come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever have. I'm greatly overdue!

I turned 29 back in September. I've all but lost count of the amount of stuff I got in or around the date... I think Valkyrie Profile Silmeria was one thing... a nice dinner out was another... a comfy PJs sweater... a variety of manga...

More recently, we went to my parent's place for Thanksgiving, and I got my birthday money from them much belatedly. The money from my grandmother went towards the second book in the new GURPS 4th Edition Basic Set (which I'm still evaluating)... meanwhile, I've spent about three-fifths of my parent's money on GURPS Dragons, Girl Genius Books 4 and 5, and the latest Shin Megami Tensei game, Raidou Kuzonoha v.s. The Soulless Army. I didn't even know that one was OUT, but how can I resist something set in 1920's Japan? Answer: I can't, apparently. Haven't even turned the game on yet, though.

Still thinking about what to buy with the rest. I think I've largely rejected buying a HeroQuest clone I was looking at... my reasons for wanting it are pretty spurious, and the price tag is too steep for an impulse buy. I'm sorely tempted to buy the new GURPS Magic, but it's still at the printers, so I've no idea when I'd receive it if I bought it. Sadly not much else has stuck out as buyable yet... we'll see what happens.

... I'm sure I had other stuff to talk about but I forgot what. Oh well. o_o

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